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Pictures from Past Events
Young Tigers Class and Promotion Test

 January 14, 2005 Class - Beginners Class

Congratulations on "Self-Discipline" Awards!
About the Self-Discipline Award


Senior Grandmaster Joon P. Choi, President of OMAC, and founder of Moogong-Ryu martial arts, sent these medals to all Young Tigers in the Beginner's Class for their exceptional demonstration of Self-Discipline during the classes.
Sr. Grandmaster Choi congratulated these Young Tigers.
He hopes these medals always remind them the meaning of "Self-Discipline" and provide them the motivation to further develop their characters as well as "Self-Discipline"  through-out their life.

Mr. Matt Pasquinilli, martial arts instructor, writer and professional educator, also sent his best regards to the Young Tigers who demonstrated self-discipline and their commitment to become a better person.
Mr. Pasquinilli provided leading-edge teaching method on coaching and communicating with children for their character development. His website provides many excellent ideas on these topics.
... Discipline can be defined as doing what someone tells you to do. Self-discipline would be doing what you tell yourself to do. Help your child grow and mature by defining the difference between the two and by giving them the tools they need to chose self-discipline....more" from Mr. Pasquinilli's website

Thank you Senior Grandmaster Joon P. Choi and Mr. Matt Pasquinilli !!!!


January 15, 2005 Promotion Test

The Basics
Stances and breathing, hand techniques and kicking techniques
Form (Poomse)

My name is ... My Form is Daemang-Chun Number 1, Sir!
Self defense (block and counter attack)

What is discipline and what is self-discipline?

 Passed the rank promotion test.
New Yellow belts (9th Gup) and Orange Belts (8th Gup).


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