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We are remodeling our Young Tigers website. Once we move to a new website, we will be able to easily keep the website up to date. We are also planning to add FORUM for young tigers at the new website. Thank you. Ho B. Kim



taekwondo is so awesome and it is so cool to know that you can defend yourself



" I remembered a conversation with my sponsor Ken B. about unselfish acts. He said Mother Teresa had done so much good because she wanted to live in a world where those acts of kindness and love could occur. It was up to her to do her part to create that world. . . ." ~ from an e-mail that I received.



Senior Grandmaster Young P. Choi (President,  OMAC, Indiana) is in a movie "Bound by Bood" which will be open in September.

He plays the role of traditional Taekwondo Master teaching martial arts to the main character's son and adopted son.

Source: Korea Times of Chicago, Korean Daily Newspaper April 20, 2005 issue.

More information on Senior Grand Master Young P. Choi at his school website www.OMACIndiana.com.

Click here to read a copy of Korea Times Daily Newspaper Article. (April 20, 2005)

~ webmaster




Young Tigers Taekwondo club has been invited to perform demonstration at
Wilmette Park District
Asian Festival on May 14 (Saturday):

Any Young Tigers Class student can sign up for the 20 minutes group demonstration.
Sign up sheet will be available at the Taekwondo classes.
Please sign up by May 6th (Friday).

- When: May 14 (Saturday)  20minutes during 2 PM - 3 PM performance session.
            Rehearsal 12 Noon - 1 PM
- Where: Community Recreation Center (crc) Auditorium

3000 Glenview Rd, Wilmette, IL (in the same building as the Young Tigers' Class)

Afterwards there will be food fest, Chinese, Korean Thai and Indian food according to the host.


Tentative Demonstration Plan:
Group performance - similar to regular class operation.

Demonstration will be composed of several techniques selected from the followings:
1. Mediation - white belts and up
(Recite 10 Rules of Young tigers - White belt and Yellow Belts
 Mental Training Terminologies - Light Blue belts and up)
2. Warm Up Exercises - white belts and up
3. Mooshim - Breathing and Stance. Series - white belts and up
4. Punching and Kicking Series, block and punch series.
5. Daemahang Form #1 and #2  - Orange Belt and Up
6. Palgue - Light blue belt and Up
7. One Step Self Defense Techniques - Green Belts and Up
8. Free Sparring - Red Belts and Up
9. Target Drill and Breaking Boards - Orange Belts and Up
10. Mooshim
11. Ending Bow.

Let's have a FUN !

~ Master Ho Kim



From instructor Matt Pasquinilli's website article  . . .

Discipline can sound like this:
“Stop touching your sister.”
“Pay attention while I am talking to you.”
“You chose to lose recess because you could not keep your hands to yourself.”

Self-Discipline sounds like this:
“We have been driving for twenty minutes, and you have not touched your sister once.”
“You are looking right at me when I am talking to you.”
“You did not touch one of your classmates the entire morning. Go to recess.”

 . . .  read more on Discipline and Self-Discipline and on other topics at Matt Pasquinilli Website www.Pasquinilli.com

Educator and Martial Arts Instructor Matt Pasquinilli is the author of "The Child Whisperer" and he worked with Senior Grandmaster JP Choi to create the "OMAC Little Tiger Program™".

He launched a new website (www.Pasquinilli.com) that is full of valuable advices for parents and teachers. We like reading his articles. We try to apply many of his advices at our Young Tigers Classes as well as at home.

Thank you Instructor Pasquinilli!

~ Young Tigers Instructors.



To All Students in Young Tigers Classes and their Family,

We wish you Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

~ From:
Grand Master Ho B. Kim &
Instructor Lucy Park



Beware e-mail fraud!!!!!

I just received the following e-mail.
I was told this is a scam (Called phishing).
Please beware such e-mails that are asking your Card Number, bank account, or especially PIN number.
Do not click the link provided by the e-mail and never give out PIN numbers over e-mail.


"Dear Citibank Member,

This email was sent by the Citibank server to verify your E-mail address.
You must complete this process by clicking on the link below and entering in the small window your Citibank ATM/Debit Card number and PIN that you use on ATM.
This is done for your protection - because some of our members no longer have access to their email addresses and we must verify it.

To verify your E-mail address and access your bank account, click on the link below: https://web.da-us.citibank.com/signin/citifi/scripts/email_verify.jsp "


(The above link looks like citibank's website but it is NOT.)

 Posted by Youngtigers webmaster.



For the safety of our children, we want to share an Article from the WWW.CNN.COM (2/5/04) -


Parents can teach kids to stop abductions
CNN - Thursday, February 5, 2004 Posted: 9:11 PM EST (0211 GMT)

(CNN) -- Children may be smaller and weaker than would-be abductors, but with their parents' help, they can learn techniques to resist and escape predators, a child safety expert said.

The key to remaining safe lies in not leaving the place where the abductor approaches a child, said Bob Stuber of the Texas-based Escape School, which runs educational programs across the United States.

A kidnapper "wants to get out somewhere by himself," said Stuber, a former police officer and founder of the Escape School. "He may threaten the child, but he's not going to hurt the child right there. That's not what this is about. That takes place later."

Stuber said no neighborhood is immune to the danger of abduction. "So you have to make sure you do instruct your children," Stuber said. "Don't just say, 'Don't go off with strangers.' You have to be more specific."

Parents should instruct their children to fight and resist abductors, even if the predator threatens them, Stuber said.

From the onset of an abduction attempt, children should make as much noise as loudly as possible from the beginning and continually throughout the assault.

"Sometimes kids are afraid to do that because their abductor is telling them, 'If you say a word, I am going to hurt you.' Tell your child no matter what this person says, ... you can make as much noise as you want to."

Children should deny requests for help from strangers, which is a common abduction ploy.

Children are "very, very trusting," Stuber said.

"Parents really have to ... start driving that message home, is that you don't walk away with anybody. If they need help, they will get it from another adult," he said.

Stuber says small and simple acts that the youngest of children can perform could go a long way in saving them if they know them.

"All the way along ... there's these little windows of opportunity," he said. "And if the child knows what to watch for, it really only takes about two of these choices to get them out of danger." Here are a few to teach, practice and review with children.


Outside a car:

• Avoid being alone, and don't take shortcuts.

• Never walk over to a car for any reason. Getting near and in a car increases the chances of being taken away and hurt.

• If approached, do not leave the area.

• Do not help an adult you do not know.

• Remember 911 calls at pay phones are free.

• Scream loudly for help, run to another adult, gripping and holding onto that other person. Stuber said this "Velcro technique" forces the other adult to listen and pay attention.

• Rotate arms forward quickly and repeatedly making big circles in the air. This windmill technique prevents a larger and stronger assailant from getting a grip on the moving child. Don't just try to pull away because the adult is stronger. Always rotate the arm to break free of the grip if restrained.

• If on a bicycle, hug the bicycle tightly, refusing to let go. "If you hold that bike, and do not let go, it's impossible to put you in a car," Stuber said. If a bike is not available, grab a garbage can or a long stick, any large object that prevents entry into a car.

• If the abductor shows a gun, run. No matter what the person says, keep running. There is only a slim chance they will try to shoot you. Firing a gun draws attention.

• Always scream.

Inside a car:

• The first step should be for the child to open the door and get out.

• If in a four-door car, jump into the back seat and go out a back door quickly.

• Place something inside of the ignition cylinder -- gum, a small button from clothing -- to keep the abductor from driving them to another location. Stuber said that if the car can be stopped or the potential crime can be stopped in the neighborhood, then the crime is going to come to an end.

• If locked in a trunk, remove the taillight panel which comes off easily, and disconnect the taillight wires. "Now you increased the odds 50 percent that the police will pull the car over because it has not brake or tail lights," Stuber said, "then they will hear you inside."

Finally, Stuber advises parents to always practice escape measures with their children. "Kids will not yell and scream when they are in trouble just 'cause you tell them to," he said. "You have to let them practice it."


Source webpage - CNN on-line: http://www.cnn.com/2004/US/02/05/child.safety.tips/index.html



Here are more articles by OMAC instructor Matt Pasquinilli (Director, Asian Arts Center) - "What Do You Want Your Child To Be When They Grow Up?" http://www.thechildwhisperer.com/pr02.htm "A Proper Response Leads to Better Compliance " http://www.thechildwhisperer.com/pr03.htm ~ Ho B. Kim



I would like share with you one of my favorite quotes; "If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea." quote from Antoine De Saint - Exupery. ~ Ho B. Kim



OMAC World website ( www.omacworld.com ) just posted articles relating Martial Arts philosophy. These are the copies of interviews with Senior Grandmaster Joon P. Choi (9th Dan Blackbelt, founder of OMAC and Moogong-ryu martial arts) from 1980's. Understanding the founder's view of these words (Mooshim, patience, modesty, etc..) will help us in our "training of mind of body through the martial arts". Link: http://www.moogong.com/omacworld/htm-files-public/knowledge/philosophy-index.htm ~ Ho B. Kim



I'm in the Young Tigers Taekwondo club and it rocks! It is so much fun! I think we should have jackets! That would b so cool! ~Rachel =)



Did you know OMAC instructor Matt Pasquinilli (Director, Asian Arts Center) has been requested to contribute articles to parenting magazines?

(note - please google search Matt Pasquinilli to find his website. His website has been changed. - Do not go to thechildwhisperer.com website. It is not Mr. Pasquinilli's website any longer)


If you teach children, I strongly recommend to read these articles.

I also recommend these articles to parents.

Great job, Instructor Pasquinilli!

~ Ho B. Kim

February 05, 2003


I enjoyed this website a lot! I'm not exactly a young tiger, but I always enjoy learning more about martial arts. It takes me back to when I first started. It's a very informative site, also. Thanks!


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