Wilmette Young Tigers Taekwondo Club
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Grandmaster Ho Kim




2015 Taekwondo Grandmasters
Middle: Grandmaster Kae Bae Chun (1936-2019) & Grandmaster Joon P. Choi (1945-2021)



at 2015 OMAC Moogong Summer Camp
With Grand masters: Sunny Graff, Ronald Kennedy, James Cahn



Young Tigers Taekwondo Belt Test
Young Tigers Taekwondo Belt Promotion Test - July 27, 2011


2011 Moogong Martial Arts Camp - Kenyon College, Gambier OH, 7/21-7/24/11


1990s - 2010s

Taekwondo Club at the University of Illinois at Chicago Campus
1990 - 1997

Battle of Columbus Tournament, Columbus, Ohio 2001

1998 First Student - Young Tigers Taekwondo at Wilmette CRC

1998 First Young Tigers Class

1998 Young Tigers Taekwondo first belt test

Young Tigers Taekwondo - First Black Belts

Young Tiger
Young Tigers

Young Tigers' TKD demo at Romona School


1970s - 1980s

1977 Grandmaster Young P. Choi, Senior Grandmaster Joon P. Choi, Master Ho Kim
at OMAC Main School

Master Ho B. Kim


OSU Taekwondo Club (1977 - 1989)

OMAC Moogong Summer Camp at Denison University, Granville, Ohio


1987 Moogong Camp


OMAC Battle of Columbus Winners


1980s - Demonstration Team:
Grandmaster Hyung Chul Kim & Young P Choi,
Sr Grandmaster Joon P Choi & Moo Young Kang,
Grandmaster Ho Kim


OMAC Indiana


1989 OMAC 161 School - with Supreme Grandmaster Byung Jick Ro


J Choi & H Kim 



Grandmaster Young P. Choi | Sr. Grandmaster Joon P. Choi | Grandmaster Ho B. Kim


Master Ho Kim, Master Instructor, OSU taekwondo club 1977-1989






Grandmaster Ho Kim's Teachers


Supreme Grandmaster
Joon P Choi

Founder of Moogong Ryu Martial arts and
Oriental Martial Arts College, Inc

My Teacher from 1962 to current


Song Moo Kwan - Moogong Ryu Martial Arts
Oriental Martial Arts College

Taekwondo & Kimoodo


Supreme Grandmaster
Byung Jick Ro

Founder of Song Moo Kwan

Song Moo Kwan

Young P. Choi
Senior Grandmaster
Young P. Choi

Founder of Moojung Geumdo and OMAC Indiana

Oriental Martial Arts College

Taekwondo & Moojung Geumdo

Master Moo Young Kang
Senior Grandmaster
Moo Young Kang

Founder of San Diego Hapkido and OMAC San Diego

Oriental Martial Arts College
Taekwondo & Hapkido

San Diego Hapkido


Grandmaster Hyung Chul Kim
Senior Grandmaster
Hyung Chul Kim

Founder of OMAC Canada and practitioner in Oriental Medicine
OMAC Canada
Oriental Martial Arts College Canada
Oriental Medicine) & Natural Healing
Master Yu-Cheng Huang
Master Yu-Cheng Huang
Founder of Xuan Ming Dao Qigong

Xuan Ming Dao Qigong

Xuan Ming Dao Qigong

Ee Soon Kim

Practitioner and teacher in Oriental Medicine

Accupuncture & Herbs



Master Joon P. Choi and Master Young P. Choi
1970s Columbus, Ohio

SGM Joon P. Choi (Tournament Director), Supreme Grand Master Byung Jick Ro, and SGM Daewon Moon (Mexico),
Battle of Columbus, 2001

With Supreme Grand Master Byung Jick Ro
Battle of Columbus, 2001

June 10, 20214 with Supreme Grandmaster Byung Jick Ro, founder of Song Moo Kwan


Supreme Grandmaster Byung Jick Ro Memorial Service
September 3, 2016
Lakewood Cemetery 3600 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, Minnesota

Supreme Grandmaster Byung Jick Ro: Founding Father of Song Moo Kwan
(July 3, 1919 - September 9, 2015)

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