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A New Book By Moogong-Ryu-Martial Arts Instructor, Matt Pasquinilli.

Matt Pasquinilli has been practicing Martial Arts under Senior Grand Master Joon. P. Choi. Also he has been teaching the Moogong-ryu Martial Arts to children for more than 10 years. 

Based on his experience, study and research, he developed simple but very effective ways of teaching and communicating with children.

In his new book "The Child Whisperer", he shares with us the essence of his teaching method.

One of his students' mother wrote the "Foreword" .....

"I watched my children learn the meaning of forgiveness, compassion, loyalty, dedication, the difference between discipline and self-discipline, self-control, patience and respect of parents and siblings. These were all qualities and behaviors I strive to teach in our home and it was so refreshing to have my girls hear them from someone else.  I watched my children overcome challenges both physical and mental at the guidance of a gentle soul. I watched gifted children gain confidence in social situations. I watched abused foster children learn to smile and communicate. I watched children begin the program running wildly through the school slowly learn to focus and concentrate with ease. And I also watched parents learn to be better parents, including myself........."
from "Foreword", The Child Whisperer.

In this book, Matt talks about, building confidence, focus, communication, self-regulation, respect, leadership, success, forgiveness, truth and honesty, community and his vision.

The first page reads ...." This book is dedicated to children."

I highly recommend this book to parents, educators and friends  who put top priority on raising children to become good persons. 
Ho B. Kim

"The Child Whisperer" (Click here)